7 Tips on How to Fix Common Lawn Problems

7 Tips on How to Fix Common Lawn Problems

Having a great looking lawn can make you the envy of the neighbors and help your house look beautiful. It does not need expensive lawn repair jobs or constant daily care. Some of the common law problems can be fixed by you and it can be as simple as just watering them right and raking and pruning on time. Here are some of the common problems we face when we have a lawn, the causes of these problems and the solutions which can work.
Here are common problems, their likely causes and possible solutions.

1. Problem: Yellow tipped grass. Solution: sharper blades

When you have yellow tipped grass in your lawn, it is mostly because you are using a lawn mower that has blunt blades. Blunt blades end up tearing off the grass instead of cutting them and hence the yellow color. Replace the blades with the appropriate model. You can do this yourself if you find out the model of your lawn mower and the blades that fit it.

2. Problem: Stripes. Solution: Even fertilizer application and overlapping wheel tracks

Stripes are beautiful when planned and even, but if you are having unintended stripes that look bad, it means you are applying the fertilizer right. Also try to overlap wheel tracks to get an even cut.

3. Problem: Patches that are thin. Solution : More sunlight

You may have thin patches where there is a tree blocking the sunlight to the grass. Try pruning the tree so more direct sunlight falls on the lawn. Or you can try relaying a grass that can thrive with less sunlight.

4. Problem: Brown patches. Solution: more water

Brown patches occur when the grass dies. This can happen when you have less water or a dog urinating in one spot constantly. Usually, more water on brown patches help them recover quickly.

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