4 Reasons Why the Myth of Santa Claus has Continued Over the Years

4 Reasons Why the Myth of Santa Claus has Continued Over the Years

Every year around Christmas time, children all over the world are told about Santa Claus and how if they behave well, he would bring them presents. A lot of children write letters to Santa telling him how good they have been and make a list of the presents they are expecting for their good behavior. Santa although is loved by most people is also criticized for being just a marketing ploy and a construct, more of a holiday construct to deceive little children. The creation of Santa Claus as we know him now has also been blamed for commercializing the whole idea of celebrating Christmas. Although Santa was based on an actual saint who lived and did so much good for the poor, it is seen my some people as just milking the goodness for all its worth. In spite of the criticisms and cynical children the world over, the myth of Santa Claus has continued to endure for many years and here are some reasons as to why.

1. It adds a bit of magic to the season

Everyone likes a little bit of magic in their lives and children especially will be thrilled to know that there is some magic at least in the early part of their childhood. Since talking about Santa Claus and his conditions for bringing gifts also ensures good behavior from them for a few weeks before Christmas if not the whole year, parents too do not mind perpetuating the myth. When a myth has some practical uses, it stays on for long and that is one reason why the myth of Santa Claus has endured over the years.

2. The myth of Santa signifies the act of giving

Although he gives gifts with certain criteria, Anta always gives gifts even to the naughtiest of kids or so goes the myth. Even if we do not believe in Santa, we must appreciate the myth for encouraging the act of giving gifts. Even though it is commercialized, there is something about the myth that makes us want to give gifts and generally share and that could be another reason as to why the myth of Santa has been so popular.

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