5 Winter Nail Care Tips

5 Winter Nail Care Tips

Winter can be pretty tough on your body. Your hair, your skin the whole body down to your nails must be taken good care of if you want them to look like they have been looking throughout the year. Winter especially calls for greater care as your body can get dehydrated quickly and you would even feel it. Your nails will start to crack and look sheen less during the winter months. Cracked cuticles, peeling nails, and jagged edges are just some of the symptoms that will begin to appear during the winter months that are bound to give you some sleepless nights if you are obsessed with your nails and how they look. It is best to invest a little on the nail care products in the market to take good care of your nails in the winter. Here are a few tips to take good care of your nails in the winter.

1. Care for the cuticles

Cuticles are the sensitive, thin layer around the nail bed. They can begin to peel and split when your hands are dry and are in need of some moisture. Get yourself some cuticle oil, cream, or balm and keep them handy so you can apply them on your fingers regularly. Just like sunscreen you should apply them every few hours so they will remain shiny and not peel. Lip balms can also be used for cuticle damage, but only if you cannot get hold of some cuticle balm.

2. Hand lotions

Always carry a small bottle of hand lotion wherever you go. You never know when you will be washing your hands or how many times. You can carry those small bottles of hand lotion when you head out and this will help you in keeping your hands well moisturized. Lotions with beeswax and urea are good choices as they help in locking the moisture.

3. Gloved hands

They not only protect you from the cold but also offer good protection for your nails. The nails when exposed to cold dry weather break easily, but when covered with gloves, there are less chances of breakage. You can but gloves of different colors to match with your clothes and make it a fashion accessory if you are not too comfortable wearing them.

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