4 Tips on How to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

4 Tips on How to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

Jealousy is quite common among relationships. A lot of women feel a jealous boyfriend makes them feel wanted and loved. However, there are an equal number of women who will tell you how a jealous partner can be very annoying at best and a complete dealbreaker at worst. Here are some tips on how to deal with a jealous boyfriend.

1. Open conversation

A woman always knows. More often than not, you will know instantly if your boyfriend is jealous of your close male friend, or your super hot boss or your neighbor who drops by ever so often. Instead of secretly reveling in the feeling, you should come right out and discuss it with your guy. You need not have a somber conversation at the very outset. Sometimes playfully broaching the subject and talking about it can dispel the clouds of suspicion that may be hanging over his head. At the least, it will make him feel that you are sensitive to his feelings and are willing to discuss things.

2. Make amends

Not all jealousy is unfounded. It is possible that you may not be completely out of the ‘single mindset’ and may be flirting with other men. You may not even have thought about it, you certainly don’t want to cheat on your boyfriend, that’s just how you have some harmless fun! While all of that might make sense in your head, it may be killing your boyfriend’s peace of mind to see you’re joking around with men and enjoying the attention. If you sense your boyfriend is not comfortable with something, take a pause and think about your behavior. There may be some very minute things you need to change in the way you conduct yourself to bring the joy back in your relationship.

3. Introduce him to your friends

Your boyfriend might feel that he is the new guy in your ecosystem and your other male friends might be closer to you. He may think that you are more comfortable spending time with them, rather than with him. If you do have a lot of male friends, it might be a good idea to introduce them to your boyfriend. That way, he will know your friends as real, warm people, not scheming conspirators out to get his girlfriend. Who knows, he might really bond with your friends and this may strengthen your own relationship with him.

4. Show him you care

Men may not show it, but like women, they too need to be reassured that they are important. The things that you want out of your man – the little gestures of love, the surprises, the gifts, so on and so forth, are the things that you can do for him too. Cook dinner for him, buy him a thoughtful gift, make friends with his friends, take care of him when he is sick, there are a ton of things you can do that will reaffirm his faith in the strength of your relationship. He will be secure in the thought that you genuinely care about him and that talking to other men in no way lessens what you share.

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