10 Extremely Bizarre Phobias

10 Extremely Bizarre Phobias

While all of us have our fears and phobias, there are some people whose lives are almost debilitated by them. These fears might seem completely irrational are, in fact, real and affect some people deeply. Here are some of the most uncommon phobias.

1. Mageirocophobia

This is a fear of cooking. The unusual fear of cooking can lead to unhealthy eating if one stays alone. The sufferers of this phobia can feel threatened by people who are skillful in cooking and this feeling of inadequacy can lead to other health problems.

2. Pediophobia

This is the fear of dolls. It is an irrational fear of all kinds of dolls, not just the scary kinds. Freud said that this phobia might be the result of the fear that the doll or robot may come to life.

3. Deipnophobia

This is a fear of dinner conversation. Sufferers of this kind of phobia are so terrified about speaking to another person over mealtime that they avoid dining out altogether.

4. Eisoptrophobia

This is fear of mirrors. People suffering from this phobia have an anxiety that they will get in touch with the supernatural world inside the mirror. They also worry that breaking a mirror might bring bad luck.

5. Arachibutyrophobia

This is a weird fear of peanut butter getting stuck on the roof of the mouth. Many people report to feeling jittery at the thought of having to eat peanut butter and it getting stuck on the mouth.

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