Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We bring you a selection of our Thanksgiving articles. Check them out!

1. 5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Right Spirit
While any celebration is mostly about having fun, we must make sure that this fun is not just limited to ourselves. Spreading a smile is more important that smiling alone. There are two ways to celebrate a festival – the right way, and the not-so-right way. The reason we cannot term it as wrong is because at the end of the day “to each his own”. But celebrating in the right spirit is what being human is all about. So, here are 5 ways to spend your Thanksgiving in the right spirit.

2. Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is round the corner and it is all set to give you another reason to celebrate. Every festival has a history, a significance behind it. But Thanksgiving doesn’t have one, but here are 5 reasons to celebrate it. Read on to know what these reasons are and why you should celebrate Thanksgiving.

3. 6 Foods Which Signify Thanksgiving
Have you ever noticed that although the number of dishes vary and the size of the portions differ According to the number of people who are at the table, the basic ingredients have remained the same for a number of years? This is because we associate Thanksgiving with certain foods. This tradition started with the early settlers, or the pilgrims who received food from the native people and started cultivating food as taught by the native people of the country. Although a lot of myths and additions have been added to the thanksgiving meal every year, the fact that has been the same has been the inclusion of certain traditional food items. You can see these traditional foods sitting at the table year after year in different forms and sizes. Some of the foods that signify Thanksgiving are

4. 5 Interesting Facts about the Thanksgiving Turkey
‘Turkey’ brings back fondest memories of watching the TV series ‘Friends’ and the interesting episodes planned around turkey day. Whether it is Joey finishing an entire turkey in one sitting or Monica with a turkey head and funny, red glasses; this only reminds us that Thanksgiving is not complete without the delicious turkey meat. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Thanksgiving turkey.

5. 15 Thanksgiving Quotes to Touch Your Heart
Express your thanks and gratitude with the power of words. This Thanksgiving, say all the wonderful things to your family and friends. The idea is to thank them for everything. So, here are some quotes to touch your heart or share with others, read on.

6. 4 Interesting Facts about the History of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a holiday that not only calls for celebration but also whole lots of retrospection. A look into the history of the holiday will give us a lot to think over and also reexamine our lives. Thanksgiving can teach us a lot of things. There is a saying that tells us, that one who does not learn from history is a fool. It is very true as history can teach us a lot of things. We can learn from the mistakes our ancestors, pick up and follow the good things about their lives and so much more. The history of thanksgiving too is bound to teach us a lot about hard work, hope, perseverance, the fighting spirit and living together. Most importantly it teaches us to give thanks for all our blessings.

7. 8 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving
Any holiday or a tradition that we have been following for decades will always have some interesting facts that we haven’t heard of before. Sometimes it could be a trivial issue, but when we are faced with the facts, it astounds us. Thanksgiving is no exception. There have been so many changes to the way thanksgiving have been celebrated over the years, that the only constant about it has been the change. Here are some interesting facts about Thanksgiving Day that can actually change the way we think about the holiday.

8. 11 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes
Thanksgiving is all about family fun, yummy dinner treats and celebration. Thanksgiving is an occasion when the true festive spirit starts. To add to this spirit, here are some funny and interesting quotes for the occasion of Thanksgiving.

9. 7 Easy Pumpkin Recipes for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is the day when we gather with friends and family for a big hearty meal and give thanks to what we have been blessed with. The holiday itself may have had colonial origins, but it is all about celebrating the true essence of giving thanks that makes it truly special. Thanksgiving is also the time when we can put to good use the vegetable of the season-pumpkin. There are so many good things about pumpkins. They are filled with nutrients and there are so many different ways in which you can cook them that the list is almost endless. This thanksgiving put your creativity to test and dazzle your guests and family with some of these easy to make pumpkin dishes.

10. 9 Tips to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving
Come holidays and we take it upon ourselves to get stuffed. No one knows for sure why, but it is believed to be the festive spirit, the care taken to prepare the meals, the presence of family and laughter and the love all around that makes one eat beyond the normal amount. It is ok if it does not hurt you, but there are many cases of stomach aches and bloated stomachs after a heavy thanksgiving meal. You might also be tempted to break your strict diet to binge on the Thanksgiving turkey. If you can forgive yourself for binging for a day and know for sure you’d get back to normal, then you can indulge. But if you are not sure about getting back to your normal routine, here are a few tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving.

11. 7 Pumpkin Desserts for Thanksgiving
Fall. Halloween. Think Orange. Think loads of Pumpkins. Pumpkin somehow becomes the flavor of the season this month, and like it or not you will have a pumpkin sitting at home. There are so many ways you can cook a pumpkin. Many think of it as a vegetable and lose out on the different desserts that can be made from it. Pumpkins not only make a good accessory for Halloween nights, but also are packed with a lot of nutrients that are good for you. Making treats and tasty desserts with pumpkins will ensure that you put your Halloween pumpkin to good use and also treat your family to healthy desserts. Here are a few desserts you can make with pumpkins.

12. People You Must Thank On Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving day is coming soon, ladies! So gear up for this Thanksgiving with the best of your recipes that you can cook up for your family and friends. But Thanksgiving is much more than that. It is about thanking God for what you have in your life. It is also about thanking the people in your life, who have helped you to be what you are today. We’ve dedicated this article to mention the people that you must thank on Thanksgiving day.

13. 10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with your family. It is a time to be thankful for all that you have. Everyone has different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. Some prefer to have a quieter dinner with just their family, some invite other relatives or friends, while some plan to go to someone’s else’s home. These are some innovative ways in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving with your family this year.

14. 12 Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is celebrated as an expression of gratitude. For saying a simple ‘Thank you’, it is important to get inspired by various thoughts. When the thoughts are inspiring, the meaning of thanks and gratitude will definitely change. So, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, here are some quotes to inspire you, read on.

15. 7 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving
We should never look for a specific day or time to give back to other people, to our family or the community or to the society at large. Having said that, we go about our lives, having many more things to worry about and think. It is only on special occasions like Thanksgiving, we actually sit and reflect on what can we give back and there are indeed so many different ways we can help those who are less fortunate than us. As we sit back and give thanks to what we have, it is time we also thought about the people who cannot have the same things. It is not only material things that people are in need of, sometimes your way of giving back can just be a phone call, a few kind words or a hug.

16. 4 Nice Ideas for Thanksgiving
When it comes to Thanksgiving, all we can think of is the sumptuous dinner and the family gathering. It also puts a lot of pressure on us to make it more interesting and enjoyable for everyone involved. Quite frankly, it is not only about the food, but also the camaraderie that we share with others. Here are a few ideas to make your Thanksgiving Day the most interesting holidays of the year.

17. 6 Nice Activities for Thanksgiving
It is a holiday that brings us all together. If Christmas is all about forgiveness and hope, then thanksgiving is all about getting together as a whole and giving thanks to the fact that we are all healthy and accessible enough that we can get together. Since the holiday is all about getting together, you can come up with activities that involve everyone in the group. This way if you are having guests over, and if they are new friends or acquaintances, they can meet with the rest of the family. Here are some thanksgiving activities to make your holiday truly special.

18. 5 Ideas for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu
While most of you must be thinking that it is practically impossible to make a gluten-free typical Thanksgiving meal, the fact is that you can really do it. The trick is only to know what ingredients add the gluten and to get the proper substitute for them without ruining the taste. So, here are 5 ways to bring small changes to your Thanksgiving menu and have a gluten-free dinner.

19. 10 Thanksgiving Dinner Games to Play
Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your loved ones and feeling thankful for all the small and big pleasures of life. To add more fun and interaction to your Thanksgiving celebrations, here’s a list of 10 Thanksgiving dinner games that you can play with your friends and family

20. 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Kids
Kids love gifts. A perfect gift tailored to the needs, desires, age and abilities of children can bring about immense happiness to your child. So, on this Thanksgiving, spend a little time to gift your child something that he/she will truly cherish and enjoy. Here are some great Thanksgiving gift ideas for you to give your kids

21. 5 Thanksgiving Crafts
There are so many activities that you can involve your kids in. You can involve them during cooking or get their help in setting their table or cleaning the house. But the activity that makes it fun for both you and your kids is the making of crafts together. If you do no mind a messy room for a while, go ahead and buy some of the craft essentials for your kids to encourage the creativity in them. Sometimes there is also no need to go into great lengths to buy a lot of stuff. You would just need some colored papers, scissors, ribbons, cloth and glue to make some truly amazing Thanksgiving crafts. Since the turkey takes center stage during Thanksgiving, it is only natural that turkeys are also a favorite when it comes to making crafts. Here are a few simple ways to make crafts with your kids for this Thanksgiving.

22. 5 Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a traditional festival, a great day to celebrate and enjoy with your family and friends. People follow the tradition of preparing a great Thanksgiving meal for their families and even today it is followed in an even more elaborate manner. People exchange gifts on this day. Here are 5 great gift ideas for Thanksgiving.

23. 7 Thanksgiving Decorations
Decorating your home, especially the dining area, the living room, porch and the table can be great fun during thanksgiving. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to decorating the table. The best part about decorating for Thanksgiving is that, if you keep the colors in white, red or green, you can easily keep them on for Christmas too. Another easy way to decorate is to carve your food on the table onto delicious looking stuff. You can make food look great and also taste great. Here are a few tips as to how to make this Thanksgiving all decorative in easy simple ways.

24. 6 Tips for a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner
Going vegan for a thanksgiving dinner has many benefits. For starters, the turkeys can breathe free, without having to be killed, stuffed and baked. And not many people like to see a stuffed turkey in the middle of the table. It makes sense especially if you are inviting a health fanatic crowd, or people from other cultures and traditions for a meal and they do not eat meat, its best that you serve a vegan meal. A thanksgiving dinner can still be fun without the turkey. If at all you want to have a turkey, you can make your main course in the shape of a turkey and carve it out when you are serving. If you do not want to ruffle a few feathers and spare the poor turkeys, here are a few tips to have a tasty vegan thanksgiving dinner.

25. 5 Tips to Propose on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is truly the most blissful time of the year. Holiday with friends, families and all loved ones, and nothing but joy and happiness in the air. With all the love, gratitude and romance that is there in the air, it is an excellent time to commit to your love forever. So here are 5 tips to tell your love about your feelings and propose to him this Thanksgiving.

26. 8 Innovative Thanksgiving Dishes
The date is set. November 24 it is. That’s the day to thank God for all that he has bestowed upon us. Being one of the most celebrated holidays in the US, there’s a lot that goes into preparing the final Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not just a dinner after all, it’s a celebration with friends, family and all our near and dear ones. So we thought of giving you something different to try this year at Thanksgiving. Gather your family and devour into the same ol’ traditional Thanksgiving dishes. But, now prepare them differently. Read on to find out how.

27. 5 Fun Thanksgiving Games for Kids
Thanksgiving is one of the most special holidays. It’s a celebration of joy, happiness and togetherness. Thanksgiving brings hope, a cornucopia of love and sharing the bond of a family. But is Thanksgiving just about a fine turkey spread? The holiday is not complete without fun games for children and their happiness. Here are 5 fun Thanksgiving games that your children will absolutely enjoy this holiday season.

28. 3 Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving holidays brings joy and bounties of harvest to your table. You sit down with your family and say a little thank you for happiness, love and togetherness that you share. However, this holiday season does not only present the opportunity for family get together, pies and turkey but also to dress-up and look your gorgeous best. Here are 3 perfect outfits for this holiday season that will make you look perfectly stunning and make you feel comfortable

29. 6 Thanksgiving Food Ideas
What is Thanksgiving without an elaborate meal? The centerpiece is of course the turkey and you have the seasonal vegetables and fruits that surround the turkey. You might even think that there is nothing new about Thanksgiving meal anymore. However, the fact remains that you can always experiment with your menu continuously, for Thanksgiving is also about trying the unknown. Just as the pilgrims came to an unknown land and learnt new techniques to survive, you Thanksgiving food ideas and menu this year could also be an initiation into the unknown territory. You can always experiment with the dishes or custom make a list from the available traditional dishes every year. There is never a compulsion that you need to have the same dishes every year, year after year. Here are some interesting Thanksgiving food ideas.

30. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving
Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a very popular holiday. However not many people are aware of the many interesting facts revolving around Thanksgiving. This holiday season, you can increase your knowledge by being aware of some interesting Thanksgiving trivia, and can impress your friends and family members with it.

31.10 Must Have Items For Thanksgiving
Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a very popular holiday. However not many people are aware of the many interesting facts revolving around Thanksgiving. This holiday season, you can increase your knowledge by being aware of some interesting Thanksgiving trivia, and can impress your friends and family members with it.

32. Why Thanksgiving is Celebrated
Thanksgiving is the occasion of the kind gesture and silent joy. But, do you know why it is celebrated each year? There are many reasons and different theories for celebrating Thanksgiving in different countries. Read on to know more about this.

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