10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

10 Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating and sharing love with your better half. It’s not about emptying half of his or your bank accounts. It’s about showing each other how much you love each other. That can be done in less extravagant ways too. Mentioned below are cheap Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your beloved.

1. Cook at home

Instead of going out to a fancy high-end restaurant and spending oodles of money, why not cook a simple yet special meal for your darling? You obviously know what he likes and what his favorite food is. Make a point to cook just that and create a romantic mood at home. This can be done by having lots of candles placed around the house and rose petals strewn all over.

2. Go for a couple massage

A couple massage will not only relax you both, but you can also spend some private time with each other. There are various gift coupons or certificates available. So get one of them and go with your husband/boyfriend for a nice massage.

3. Go to a museum or amusement park

Depending on what you and your partner like, go to a museum or an amusement park. Hold hands and discuss about the museum artifacts or have a fabulous time at the amusement park.

4. Take a walk

Going for a long walk and then having a picnic on top of a quiet hill is other worldly and very romantic. You can spend a lovely time with your sweetheart and revel in the comfort you get in being with him.

5. Surprise him at work

Do this only when you know he is comfortable with surprises, especially during his work. If yes, then you can send him love notes at work. You can also fill up a gift basket and send him chocolates. Or what would be better than to surprise him with yourself! Go to his office and whisk him away for a romantic lunch date.

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