10 Best Moments In Life

10 Best Moments In Life

A lot happens in a woman’s life, and while not all may be wonderful, there are many moments that a woman would love to live again and again. These moments are gifts from heaven and are very strong memories which can make your entire life happy just by thinking and pondering over them. Listed here are the 10 best moments in a woman’s life

1. End of exams

The first best moment comes at a very young age when you can feel the joy and ecstasy as your exams come to an end. There is no feeling like this- it takes you to cloud nine and makes you feel overwhelmed with rapture. There is nothing compared to the feeling of imminent freedom, even for a few days!

2. Outing with friends

An outing with your best pals is always cherished because a lot happens during these outings. You have adventures, make fun of each other, laugh at stupid things and just make the whole world seem lively and fun-filled. When you remember these moments, they suddenly take you back in time.

3. First job

When you get your first job, there is no other feeling like it. You cannot ever forget the feeling when you suddenly realize that you are no longer a kid and would soon be earning your own living.

4. First salary

When you receive your first paycheck, you cannot help but feel elated. You know that you have earned something for yourself by your own hard work. The amount does not matter, what matters is that you now have some amount of money at your disposal which you can spend at your own free will and also not be answerable to anyone.

5. Falling in love

Another great moment in life is when you first fall in love. You do not plan it, nor do you get any warning from before, you just suddenly see someone and have the feeling or suddenly the feeling is generated in your heart for someone you have known for some time. There is nothing compared to the feeling of love for someone- the excitement, the anxiousness is just too good to be true.

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