10 Tips to Win a Sagittarius Man’s Heart

10 Tips to Win a Sagittarius Man’s Heart

Sagittarius men are known to be outgoing, rebel and passionate. Sagittarius men get attracted to women who are extrovert by nature. Listed below are some ways to win a Sagittarius man, read on.

1. Be fun loving

They instantly get attracted to women who are fun loving and witty. They appreciate a good sense of humor in women. They normally do not like women who are arrogant by nature.

2. Give space

They really enjoy being with women who are carefree. They like to be in their own space in a relationship. They dislike women who nag in relationships. This behavior is a turn off for them.

3. Maintain a balanced approach

They get attracted to women who are balanced in their approach. They keep away from women who brag or show off. They like women, who are true and honest in a relationship.

4. Act intelligent

They get attracted to intelligence in women. Dumbness in women is an instant turn off for them. They like women who are good at communicating. The way a woman interacts makes a difference to a Sagittarius man.

5. Be supportive

They may not tell anything to their partner, but they do need emotional support in a relationship. They may appear confident, but deep down they like to get an assurance from the woman they love.

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