How to Treat Splitting Fingernails?

How to Treat Splitting Fingernails?

Splitting fingernails are a very common problem faced by several. This condition that attacks your nails occurs when your nail bed breaks and eventually separates. There are different ways to treat splitting nails else they will take on a very unattractive appearance. Winter and dry climates extract moisture from your nails making them brittle. Here are some tips to treat splitting fingernails and getting long nails.

1. Whenever your nails are wet, apply oils or creams to keep them moisturized. Some of the best ingredients that offer solution to this condition include lanolin, avocado or jojoba oil and shea butter. Thicker creams are ideal for splitting nails.

2. Stay away from prolonged contact with water. Taking long baths or leaving hands soaked in water for long aggravates the problem.

3. If your hands need to be exposed to chemicals, wear cotton lined gloves in order to offer protection to your nails.

4. If you are used to painting your nails, you are also likely to make use of nail polish remover. Excess use of the remover strips your nails of its natural moisture. Chemicals present in the solution weaken nails causing them to split. Using acetone free nail polish removers are better than other versions.

5. Never grow your nails too long. Always keep them to your fingertips and preferably file them to a round shape to reduce chances of splitting or peeling.

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