Why Are Friends Better Than Relatives?

4. They offer a cheerful share of life

The best, buoyant moments in our life are the ones we share with our friends, who add different flavors to it. They can see the hidden sadness on our face and make us cheerful. Their silly pranks can make us laugh like mad.

5. They are selfless companions

Our friends are our selfless companions who laugh at the lamest of our jokes, support us through thick and thin, wipe off our tears, understand our humor and hold our hand while on a rough patch of life. Can all this be expected from our relatives?

6. They do not expect edifices

One of the best part of friendship is that there are no expectations. They do not have any expectations from us when they gift us their care and concern, unlike relatives who expect too many things. Friends are the ones who rejuvenate our world, fill it with ecstasy and love. They become a vital part of our living. As the Spanish proverb says, “Life without a friend is like a death without witness”.

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