5 Ways to Increase Emotional Bonding With Your Husband

Ways to Increase Emotional Bonding With Your Husband

Over the course of your marriage you would have noticed that the relationship you share with your husband is not what it used to be. As you spend a lot of years with the same person and live together, you tend to lead parallel lives that connect at some point or don’t at all. The emotions that bound you fade away slowly and you are tempted to look for emotional support outside. It is true for the two of you and this unintentional emotional support you may look for from the outside can turn into affairs either physically and emotionally. Since lack of emotional bonding in a marriage can even break it up, you need to find ways to increase the emotional bonding with your husband. Here are some ways in which you can do that.

1. Get some couples therapy

This is one of those instances where another head would do no harm. At times you will have to bring out your private lives and discuss it with a professional to understand what you or he is doing wrong. When you get a fresh perspective on what is missing in your life, it would be easier to follow a new path or stop doing whatever is driving you apart.

2. Get back to doing the stuff that originally brought you two together

There must have been a common passion that would have brought you two together in the first place. It could have been an interest in books, movies or art. It could also have been your kids. You can feel a little lost when the kids leave home. Get a pet. They fill your lives, need constant attention and can also bring you and your partner emotionally close with each other as you again begin a shared responsibility of the pet.

3. Find new ways to connect

If you think the old things that made you connect no longer can do their job, then find new ways to connect with each other. Go on a long trip and instead of checking into a hotel as soon as you reach the destination, make the travel time longer and travel by all means possible. The point is that you two need to spend time with each other away from your familiar surroundings and learn to rely on each other again. Some time alone in a foreign land can also help you two get emotionally closer.

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