5 Ways to Not Feel Hurt After Getting Dumped

5 Ways to Not Feel Hurt After Getting Dumped

Wet pillows, constant reminiscence of all the moments you spent together, waiting for the phone to light up with his number; breakups are always tough to handle, especially if the relationship have been a long one. But life is all about changes, nobody remains stagnated in the same situation forever. Just as breakups are a part of life, so is getting over it and moving on. However, what’s important is to muddle through the immediate post breakup phase. Here are 5 ways to not feel hurt after getting dumped.

1. Cushion yourself with dear ones immediately

You may otherwise have never given much value to family or may have even ignored your friends while being in your whirlwind, passion-filled relationship, but these are people who will always accept with wide arms whenever you need them. There is no other comfort like the one that you get from family and friends. However, don’t be selfish and burden them only with your issue. Remember to ask them how they’re doing in life. Moreover, sharing the problems will make you feel much lighter.

2. Avoid showdowns

If you’re having an uncontrollable itch of having a confrontation and putting forward your own arguments or asking for answers, then you are strictly advised to ditch the idea, completely. Calling up your ex wouldn’t result in anything except more misery, because he must have already side-lined you. Your one call would turn into a string of calls and eventually they will get ignored. If you want to keep your peace of mind, then keep your dignity and take the breakup as it is.

3. Indulge in some pleasant activities

Breakups are the best time to treat yourself. Go shopping, indulge in some delicious comfort food, pamper yourself in the salon or plan a trip with your girlfriends. The little treats that you give yourself can be greatly therapeutic and you’ll recover before you know it.

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