5 Ways to Happily Accept Your Husband as He is

5 Ways to Happily Accept Your Husband as He is

With marriages crumbing down all around us, it helps to have a close look at what makes marriage work. Love and unconditional acceptance is the base on which every relationship thrives. As far as men are concerned, the majority hate women who try to change them. Albert Einstein once said, “Men get married hoping she’ll never change, women getting married hoping he will. Inevitably both are disappointed.” This is very much true, as you can never try to change someone. Instead, accept them the way they are and invest your time in other things that can make the relationship happier. If you still find it difficult to accept your husband as he is, check out 5 ways that can help you out.

1. Check your attitude

All of us have an innate need to love and be loved. Nobody likes to feel that their dear ones, with whom they are the most intimate, find them to be full of flaws. It is demoralizing and makes them feel hopeless. If you find that the closeness that you shared with your husband is no more there, perhaps this is the reason. Examine your attitude towards your partner. Are your thoughts, words and actions with regards your husband positive? Or do you find yourself always complaining?

2. Focus on the good qualities

Keep in mind that you chose your husband for a reason when you married him. Think of all the good qualities he had that time. Of course, he still has them but maybe you have chosen to focus only on the negatives and thus find him unacceptable. It is a truth that if we focus on something, it grows. Compliment him on his positive qualities and watch them flourish.

3. You can’t change a man

Accept the fact that it is not possible to change a person by manipulating or fighting with him. Well, he might change but it might not last long or you would have lost respect for him by that time. The worst thing a woman can do is to get married with the hope that she can change the man into what she wants him to be. This never happens. The best thing you can do in this case is to accept him as he is and be unfazed when he pushes your buttons. This way you will be at peace.

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