8 Ways to Know If You are Dating a Womanizer

8 Ways to Know If You are Dating a Womanizer

It’s heartbreaking for a lady to see her guy hooking up with other women, or even flirting with them. However, sometimes, guys are so smart that they don’t really let you ‘see’ that happening. Behind your back, he might be sweet-talking his way into other girls’ bedrooms, and you might be thinking that he’s a trustworthy keeper for life.

So what do you do to find out if the guy you are dating is the right one or not? Well, there are some obvious signs that help you to know that you’re dating a womaniser. Look for these signs in that guy you’ve been seeing for sometime now, and maybe you’ll get to know the truth about him better.

1. He’s skilled with women

At parties with common or mutual friends, have you always seen him being the ‘ladies’ man’, charming every other girl, and flirting with various women to make them blush? It’s obvious! This guys knows what he’s doing, and he’s mastered the art of pleasing women to make himself appear as the ‘charming, good boy’, who could feature on their lists every time they are vulnerable, need a rebound, or need someone to fling with. He’s in a way, making himself available to them in the future (or simultaneously, as he is dating you).

2. He is always confused about your tastes

Does he seem to think that he went to that great new Chinese restaurant in town with you, but your answer to that was a no? Does he think you like pink roses, when you actually like yellow daffodils? If someone does this once in a while, then may be he genuinely forgot a few things about you. But if he confuses too many things about you with too many of his other female friends, then maybe he’s just having a hard time managing his ‘parallel multiple affairs’. And that’s a good sign for you to know that he’s not the right guy.

3. He’s always insisting on being intimate

Does he always manage to find corners and corridors in malls, restaurants, movie theaters, monuments, or just about any place that you guys go together to? Does he always look for occasions, places and reasons to make out with you or have quickies? Well, it all seems very romantic in the beginning, but sooner or later, you’ve got to realize that he’s just looking at getting you laid.

4. Your friends are warning you

Do you often have your mutual friends or others coming and warning you about dating this guy? Do they tell you that you need to be safe and alert? Well, that’s probably because he has a reputation of being with too many women, or breaking too many hearts. So be cautious before he uses you and vanishes in thin air.

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