9 Ways to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping

 Ways to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping

Do you often face the problem of chipping after applying your favorite nail color? If you blame the nail paint quality for chipping, then you are under a wrong impression. It is actually to do with your way of application. Correct application will help your nail polish to stay for long. Listed below are some ways to keep your nail polish from chipping, read on.

1. File it in the right way

To start with, it is important to file your nails in the right way. Do not file your nail from both the ends, this might cause chipping of the nail paint. File your nails from one side. Also, remove excess filing bits from the tips of your nails. This will ensure good results with the nail paint.

2. Buff it correctly

Do not skip the buffing part if you want your nail polish to stay for long. After filing, use a good buffer and buff your nails on the tips. The idea is to make the tips smooth for application. This also prevents chipping to a good extent. Always use a good quality buffer for buffing your nails.

3. Apply a base coat

Most women use base coat for top application. But, actually base coat should be applied before the nail paint coat. Apply a thin clear base coat on your nails and let it dry for a minute. Then apply your favorite nail polish color. This prevents your nail paint from chipping.

4. Apply the color

After base coat, apply the color of your choice. Two coats of your favorite nail paint are good enough for your nails. Do not apply three four coats on your nails, as it may cause chipping. Thin coats are always better for application. Thin coat also prevents chipping of nail paint.

5. Apply a nail hardener

A nail hardener is similar to a base coat; it helps your nail paint to stay for long. Apply a natural nail hardener on your nail paint and let it dry. A thin coat of nail hardener will seal your nail paint and prevent chipping. Apply a nail hardener only if it suits your nails.

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