6 Reasons Why Attraction is Crucial for a Relationship to Survive

6 Reasons Why Attraction is Crucial for a Relationship to Survive

Many people have a perception that attraction is not important in a relationship. But, we would like to differ on this point. Attraction does play an important role in a relationship. In fact, it is the base of a healthy relationship. Want to know more on this, then continue reading.

1. It starts with attraction

When you look at someone, the first thing you notice is his face or charm. This is the first step towards attraction. The attraction might be based on anything. It could be physical, intellectual, or based on instinct. Liking starts when you are attracted to someone. Getting attracted is the first step towards liking or loving someone.

2. It brings you into the comfort zone

Attraction is the basis for achieving a comfort level with someone. With attraction, you would want to know the other person. And, once there is a good comfort level, attraction will remain forever. There is an instant connect, because of which you want to spend time with someone. Having a good comfort level means, you are attracted to him. Naturally, this attraction will help to nurture a good relationship.

3. It makes you compatible with your partner

Physical attraction or sexual attraction is also important. However, those are not mandatory requirements of a relationship. Physical attraction does play an important role in intimacy. There is a fair balance between physical attraction and compatibility. If you know about the balance, there will not be any problem in your relationship.

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