6 Ways to Avoid Getting Affected by Acne

Ways to Avoid Getting Affected by Acne

Everyone gets Acne. There is no age limit as to when you would get it. It is a skin condition and is often characterized by pimples or Zits. It can occur anywhere on your body and not just on the face. Because our face is what is seen all the time and makes the impression of others, we seem to worry a lot more about acne on the face. A lot of people keep pinching the pimples or try to get rid of it by trying a lot of different thing and end up making the face scarred or pitted. It can be difficult especially during the teen years as you are more worried about your appearance and also because the hormones seem to work overtime around those years. The best way is to prevent acne from coming out and once you have it, you will have to try and minimize the damage caused to your skin. Here are some ways you can prevent acne from affecting you.

1. Keeping the face clean

It is always important to wash your face and keep it clean. With the pollutants in the air and the makeup you put on, the pores on your face get clogged and that is a main reason you get acne breakouts. Wash your face thoroughly at least twice or thrice a day. Use a mild cleanser and stay away from harsh soaps. Use a medicated soap after consulting with your dermatologist. Also wipe your face with a clean towel and wash it before you use it again so as to not spread the bacteria.

2. Avoid oily foods

Oily foods exacerbate your acne problem. Try to avoid deep fried food and any other food that can make your acne condition worse. Some foods can cause more damage than the rest and it is with time and experience that you can identify those foods.

3. Moisturize

Since acne products try to make the skin dry to prevent acne, your skin get parched. Apply a little moisturizer with your acne cream so you do not feel itchy after applying the cream. Dryness in the skin causes itching and when you scratch you will leave marks and scars behind.

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