4 Ways Television has Become Inseparable in Our Life

Ways Television has Become Inseparable in Our Life

“In front of the small screen,
Life becomes fiction, and fiction life.” – John Lahr

Whether it is the latest teen drama TV show, or the singing competition, or the reality show where a huge sum of money is to be won, or the news debate which is more entertaining than informative, or even the favorite sitcom to lighten one’s mood – one thing in our lives has become inevitable in today’s time: the television. Television is no longer just a television; it has become a part of who we are in more ways than one. This term “idiot box” is definitely a misnomer, if you look at the various avenues television provides. Given the number of television channels today, and the hundreds and thousands of shows ranging from scores of genres, you will not find one person who is not addicted to some show or other on television. Listed here are the major 4 ways in which television has become inseparable in our life.

1. Communication

Television is essentially a means of communication. It provides a platform to communicate ideas, thoughts, and almost any kind of performance, show, speech and live events to a mass audience all at once. It is used to send crucial information to a mass audience almost instantaneously – whether it is weather alerts or important announcements.

2. Recreation

Television is not just a luxury anymore. It has now become a necessity because along with providing important information, television is also an avenue which provides ample recreation and entertainment to all. Television today has almost everything for everybody. Switching on the television after a hard day’s work has become more of a routine. Apart from dance, plays, songs, movies, shows, television gives us live coverage of important events, news, sports and many other enjoyable programs.

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