5 Traditional Christmas Foods

5 Traditional Christmas Foods

Christmas season is all about good food and unlimited cheer and that is why it is one of the most preferred holidays. From cakes to custards, meat to drinks, cookies to pudding, you just can’t wait any longer once it’s December. Though with the passing of time, new recipes have found place on the Xmas tables, there are some dishes which are hard to be removed from the Christmas menu. Check out 5 traditional Christmas foods that can set the tone for the festive season.

1. Cookies

Christmas sans cookies is too difficult to imagine. Cookies or sugared biscuits have been there on the Christmas menu for long years now. The modern Christmas cookies have undergone a great makeover from the Medieval Europe biscuits with the addition of items like ginger, black pepper, almonds, cinnamon and dried fruits. By the 16th century Christmas biscuits were much in vogue in Europe, with lebkuchen being much sought after in Germany, papparkakor in Sweden and krumkake in Norway. Some of the most popular traditional Christmas cookies include gingerbread, fattigmann, repostería, springerle and sandbakelse. So, this Christmas fill your home with the festive spirit along with delicious cookies.

2. Roast turkey

Lunch or dinner, Christmas feast becomes incomplete without turkey. On a traditional dinner table, a stuffed roast turkey is a must-have dish. Going back to history, roast goose was the favorite Christmas roast in Britain until the Turks arrived in the 16th century. Today, roast turkey dish is an unavoidable part of Christmas feast. With olive oil, white wine, chicken stock and turkey along with cranberry, prosciutto and pistachio stuffing or with onion, pork sausage meat, breadcrumbs, herbs and a pinch of salt and pepper stuffing, the delicious turkey dish is a huge hit.

3. Mince pie

Mince pie reached Europe in 13th century when European crusaders brought the Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits and spices to the country. Also known as mutton pie, shred pie or the Christmas pie, mince pie was made of minced meat, a range of fruits and spices and suet. The pie is also associated with supposed Catholic “idolatry”. Though with time, the ingredients and shape of the pie has changed, it is still a much sought after Christmas food in many parts of the world.

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