6 Candida Fighting Foods

6 Candida Fighting Foods

Yeast, scientifically known as candida, is a resident in our body. A small amount of candida is found in our mouth and intestine to help digestion. There is a normal balance of this fungus which leads to the normal functioning of the body. But, if the balance changes due to any factors like food, medicines or weather conditions, candida enters the blood and releases toxins resulting in leaky gut. Our body shows it off with various symptoms such as sugar cravings, itchiness, gas, fatigue, mood changes and the likes. In order to keep it in control, there are many foods that you can have. Check out these 6 candida fighting foods.

1. Onions

Onion is not only good in salads and other food items, it is equally good as a medicine. The powerful anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties of onion make it an excellent candida fighting food item. A person suffering from candida has high chances of water retention in the body and onions help to remove excess fluids out of the body. You can eat onions with coriander leaves, if you dislike the taste or smell of onions.

2. Garlic

Nothing is as good as garlic when it comes to fighting candida. The sulfur containing compound allicin in garlic is a natural anti-fungal agent and attacks candida. It also retains the good bacteria in the intestine. Garlic fuels colon, helping in detoxifying the body.

3. Coconut oil

Strengthening the immune system by fighting candida is what coconut oil does. Lauric acid and caprylic acid in coconut oil stops the overgrowth of candida by killing them.

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