6 Tips to be Nice at Work

6 Tips to be Nice at Work

Whether we like it or not, work occupies a major portion of our lives. We spend a majority of our waking hours at the work place and somehow even when we do not want it to be, work somehow defines who we are. It is an unhealthy attitude but many of us let work decide our personal lives. Since it becomes inevitable that works does play an important part, we could do our bit to make our workplace a little better. And making the work place better starts from ourselves. We should be nice at work so other people would be nice to us too. It is definitely not a rule that people would reciprocate your niceties, but at least your nice nature wouldn’t let their meanness get to you. Here are some tips on how to be nice at work.

1. Smile

Perhaps the first thing people will notice about you be it outside or at work. Always have a nice smile on your face and smile even if you really do not mean it. Smile and nod when you pass a colleague or anyone who you meet in the office. It does not cost anything or hurt to smile, but you will be known as a nice person in the workplace.

2. Thank everyone

You should learn to thank everyone no matter what their contributions are to the workplace or to your particular work. A simple thanks goes a long way to let people know what you truly care.

3. Appreciate people for their work

An important thing that is lacking in a lot of offices is appreciation for work well done. Appraisals happen and people get promotions, but appreciation on a daily basis or on a regular basis and genuine appreciation is a must. When you appreciate people, they look at you as a nice person to be around with.

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