Top 6 Advertising Agencies in the World

Top 6 Advertising Agencies in the World

Imagine a product with no advertising or bad advertising? Irrespective of it being a great product, its sales are bound to get affected if the advertising is bad. There have been instances of catchy and quirky advertisements which have really boosted the sales of a product. If not the product, people get addicted to the tunes of its advertising campaign. Advertisements have the ability to create a need where none previously exists and sell products that are not a definite must have on people’s list. Hence, advertising becomes an important tool in any company’s marketing strategy and advertising agencies an important part. Advertising agencies have become very important in this age as the competition grows and there are a lot of companies vying for the same market. Here are some of the top advertising companies in the world.

1. WPP

Headquartered in London, it has revenue of 15.6 billion dollars per annum and has over 100,000 employees all over the world. Its major clients include Colgate-Palmolive, HSBC and Vodafone. By buying over smaller companies and stakes in others’ it has emerged as the top advertising company in the world in spite of many controversies.

2. Omnicon Group

Founded in 1986, in New York and still headquartered there, it has revenue of 14.3 billion dollars and employs about 70, 600 people all over the world. It also manages many agencies around the world and has over 5000 clients over the world. The major clients of Omnicon Group include PepsiCo, AT&T and Microsoft.

3. Publicis Groupe

It is an old French company which is still going strong. Founded in 1920, its major clients include Gucci, Hermes and LVMH. It has over 60,000 employees and has revenue of 7.7 billion dollars. After its merger with the Omnicon group, they are bound to become to topmost advertising company in the world.

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