How To Apply A Bronzer? Learn In 5 Easy Steps

Bronzers are inevitably termed as the most misused and misunderstood makeup product in the beauty market. Every now and then, we see celebrities and public personalities step out with weird looking skin colors as a result of too much or too less bronzer application. Don’t make that mistake yourself, friends. Here are 5 fabulous tips on how to apply a bronzer correctly.

Step 1: Choose the right bronzer shade

Remember ladies, a great bronzer shade is ideally 2 to 3 shades darker than your own skin tone. This tip is overlooked by most of us when we pick the right bronzer shade. A bronzer shade that is more than a 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone may look excessively dark and will look unnatural. On the contrary, a bronzer shade that is too similar to your own skin tone will not highlight your features effectively. So avoid this mistake and apply bronzer correctly by picking the right bronzer shade.

Step 2: Remember that the bronzer is not a powder

Another great bronzer mistake that many women seem to make is over use of bronzer. We often apply bronzer to larger patches of the face. But remember darlings, bronzer is not a coverage powder or a foundation powder. The right way to apply bronzer is to only use it on areas that need to be highlighted. Use bronzer with strict discretion below the cheek bones, a little on the nose and a slight brush on the forehead. That’s all you need!

Step 3: Stay away from shimmery bronzers

Okay, here’s the fact, friends. Unless you are going to attend a red carpet event, a shimmery bronzer should never be on the cards. If you apply a bronzer that is shimmery, it will look unnatural and may even make your skin look oily. Using a bronzer with a matte finish is one of the top do’s when it comes to learning how to apply a bronzer correctly. A matte finish bronzer will give your face a warm look. If you still insist on getting a glow on your face, why not top of the matte bronzer with a bit of blush?

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