5 Easy Ways To Make Your Child Responsible

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Child Responsible

We all desire to have our little angels to grow up, and be responsible adults, don’t we? So are you taking the right step to achieve your goal? Children need to be trained from a very early age to be independent. As parents, it is our duty to slowly get them into the habit of being responsible. So, how do you go about it? Take a look at these tips.

1. Make responsibility a value in the family

Discuss about responsibility with your child. For that, you need to be responsible and be a role model to your child. Children learn faster when they see things, rather than hearing them. Ensure that every member in the family knows and fulfills their responsibility.

2. Begin soon

Begin at an early age when your child starts understanding things around him/her. It might be something small, like keeping his/her empty bottle in the kitchen sink, or fetching you a clean diaper, throwing the candy wrapper in the dustbin. Small activities can be taught so that your child learns to be responsible. Children love to help, they enjoy doing small chores in the house. Toddlers are more than eager to help you. So, encourage them always. Even though they commit mistakes while performing a task, do not yell or show a negative gesture. Instead praise them, and ask them to take care next time. Use positive remarks to guide them about the task they do. Never discourage or shout at them. This will help you build your child’s self-esteem.

3. Do not bribe your children

Do not reward your child for helping you or others. By doing so, you are teaching them to focus on the reward they will get, instead of how they can help others. This does not mean you never give them anything for helping you. Instead, after your child does something responsible, you say, “I appreciate the way you have helped me, and I want to give you something for the same. Get ready for the evening, you can get your friends too. All of us will go to the nearby amusement park”. By rewarding your child this way you are showing your gratitude and not creating that urge in him/her to complete a task for the sake of the reward that he/she’d get. You can think of other ways to appreciate and reward your child. It can be saying that you would be taken to the park, or a movie. This way you are motivating him/her in a positive manner.

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