Top 10 Quotes On Attitude

Top 10 Quotes On Attitude

‘It is not your looks that make you stand out from a hundred others,
Neither is it the clothes you wear.
It is not the people you hang out with,
But it is the attitude you have!’

Yea baby, that is the way it works. Your attitude is the only thing that stays with you forever. Highlighting how important a person’s attitude towards life is, we bring you 10 quotes on attitude.

1. “It is the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”
This attitude is that of the carefree and fun-loving girl who chases freedom with a smile on her face. She is someone who doesn’t give a damn about what the world thinks about her. She is proud of herself and her life. She also possesses the guts to flaunt her lifestyle to the world with flair.

2. “My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.”
This is for the strong girl who stands up for herself even if the rest of the world mocks at her. She believes that she is right, even if the rest of the world forces her to think otherwise. She is most likely to succeed because she believes in herself. And most importantly, because she knows that she’s right, at least most of the time!

3. “I am not a player…I am the game.”
This goes out to that girl with a confident personality, who is smart and knows about it. She possesses the beauty and brains. In a world filled with players, she is the one whom they will be playing for. They do what she wants them to, because she is smart enough to make them do so.

4. “I have an attitude. I actually have a personality that I guess you find it too difficult to handle.”
This ones’ for all those girls who have someone continuously bringing them down! Often you are not the one who is wrong. It is just that some people are just way too insecure about themselves that they feel that pointing fingers at you will make them feel better. Use this line for them; it will definitely make you feel better!

5. “It is not an attitude; it is the way I am.”
This goes out to that girl who is proud of the way she is, even if she is a little different from the rest. She is such a girl who knows that, her being different from the rest is, on the contrary, her strength. So she isn’t ashamed even a bit about it and whole-heartedly shows off her attitude.

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