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A home looks beautiful when you tend it with your own hands. Everyone dreams of setting up the décor and choosing the finest of furniture for their homes. People who are interior decorators themselves find no problem in choosing the best. But a layman is inclined to opt for some help. Thankfully, now you can find amazing and helpful interior design blogs online, which give you plenty of ideas on how to set up a home from scratch. The information ranges from functionality tips to essential decoration tips for you to make your home impressive and attractive. Some of the best interior design blogs are listed here.

1. Abigail Ahern (

This simple and arresting blog of Abigail Ahern gives a lot of state-of-the-art and valuable tips for homemakers to decorate their house. She herself is a renowned interior designer in UK, and her blog is just a reflection of her outstanding work. She gives tips on how to decorate your room quickly with limited resources. Her blog is followed by many, and also has an open forum where people come and share ideas, which turn out to be quite helpful.

2. Apartment Therapy (

It was Maxwell Ryan who came up with this amazing idea. Apartment Therapy is more of a community blog, where people from all walks of life come and share their ideas and resources with each other. The primary mission of this blog is to help people make a beautiful home on their own. Apartment Therapy also shares good home design tips, without the need for large spaces or spending too much money.

3. The Beat That My Heart Skipped (

It started off as a simple daily routine for Rohini Wahi, a London-based freelance journalist and trend consultant, to write down about her new discoveries on her blog. Soon, her blog became a hotspot for trendy interior and lifestyle products that gave innovative ideas to beautify homes. There are various trends that she updates on her blog, making it a good mix of mid-century modern art inspiration and very chic and contemporary style ideas.

4. Ben Pentreath (

Ben Pentreath surely knows what is best for your home. So whether you are confused with what cutlery to choose or what decorations to make your house look chic, you should definitely visit this blog. This man owns an interiors shop in Bloomsbury, London, which is quite a hit. His charming blog is not any less, and will woo you completely. Interestingly, his blog posts have a conversational tone that makes them even more arresting.

5. Bodie and Fou (

If you are looking for some modern and contemporary interior decorating blogs, then you should visit ‘Bodie and Fou’ for some state-of-the-art work and ideas. This award-winning online concept store was founded by Karine Candice, who hails from France. Her interior designs and concepts have a lot of French influence, and she expresses it in her blog through beautiful images and posts. You can get lovely ideas from this blog to set up your own home. Her creativity is great, and her designs are very inspirational.

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