To Forgive Or To Move On – How Can You Decide

To Forgive Or To Move On - How Can You Decide

If the question ‘To forgive or to move on?’ is bothering you, I can understand what you are going through. I’ve been through a similar situation and I know how it feels. It’s a nightmare and you deserve all the help you can get. Let me help you simplify the complication in your relationship and help you make that critical decision in your life. Just ask yourself the questions enlisted below and you’ll find a solution to the situation.

Do I deserve this?

This is probably the most important factor that most women overlook. Okay, so you have settled for someone who has broken your heart or fights with you too much, just because there is no one else. But is that reason good enough? The real question is do you deserve this? If you think that your man is what you deserve, you should give forgiveness a thought. If not, it is time to leave those ice-cream buckets, wear skinny jeans and hit the clubs!

What’s my bad?

Like they say, you can only clap with two hands. For every trouble, there are two sides. Is your relationship is at a point where your man has done you wrong and it is getting difficult to decide whether to forgive or move on? Take a deep breath and think to yourself if you can change or adjust your behavior to make things better. Let’s face it, men are immature. Be the mature one and admit your own faults. That will definitely clear up some clouds in your head and decide on what to do.

Can I see a future?

Although moving on may seem like an easier option sometimes, ask yourself if you can see a future for the relationship. If you do, is it really worth missing out on lifelong love because of one mistake or a few fights? I think not. However if you see no future, splits-ville is the only way out.

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