10 Tips for Confessing Your Love to Him

10 Tips for Confessing Your Love to Him

If you are planning to confess your love to him, you will obviously be a little nervous. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

1. Pick the right day

If you are confessing your love to him, it might be a big day not just in your life but also his. Make sure you pick the right day. You have to be able to gage his mood and stress levels. Avoid days when he seems immersed in worries. There are less chances of getting an immediate yes.

2. Opt for the right place

Irrespective of whether you get to meet him in private or only in public, confessing at the right place is important. The last thing you want to do is confess to him in a crowded coffee shop where a dozen other people are looking at his face. You can confess in public too, but you have to make sure he is the kind that doesn’t hate all that attention.

3. Lighten his mood

You may be nervous but you would do well to hide it. Don’t confess to him as soon as you guys meet at the designated place. Lighten his mood a little bit. Crack a couple of jokes. Make him laugh or smile. Guys are emotional too, except that they take a while to warm up to emotions associated with a special person.

4. Look good but don’t overdo it

If you are planning to confess to him, you will obviously have to look good and smell good. Make sure you don’t overdo it though because excess makeup is an instant turn off for guys.

5. Sound soft, not loud or aggressive

There are many ways of confessing your love for him. Don’t tell him as if you demand an answer and as if you will breakdown if he says no. Men, irrespective of their emotions, rarely enjoy being pushed into relationships so abruptly. Mention it softly, sweetly and with an affectionate gesture, like holding his hand.

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