7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you may have problems while picking the right makeup. In many ways, makeup damages sensitive skin leading to long-term harm in some cases. Here are some makeup tips for those with a sensitive skin.

1. Always test your makeup products

If you have sensitive skin, you have to assume that skin care products and makeup will cause trouble by default. Only then will you end up exercising more caution. It is a sane method to apply the makeup or the product on a small skin patch to see how it takes it. Only when you are absolutely sure that no harm has been done by the cream or skin care product over a period of 24 hours, should you actually proceed to use it on your face. Besides, it is important to check what your makeup is made of. There are some products which are tagged hypoallergenic, which means that they don’t usually cause irritation. Such products should be preferred over others.

2. Avoid products with added fragrances

These mostly contain carcinogenic substances. Even otherwise, products with added fragrances or preservatives usually worsen the skin situation. Therefore, be very careful when using such products anywhere on your body. Cosmetic colorants such as bismuth oxychloride are sometimes present in the makeup product to add a glowing effect. These don’t turn out well for the skin in the long term especially if the skin is sensitive.

3. Opt for mineral makeup

Three minerals, titanium, selenium and zinc are considered to be extremely good for the skin. Makeup products which contain these minerals are ideal for sensitive skin. Mineral makeup as such feels good on sensitive skin. Besides, some of these minerals have anti-irritant properties which work against inflammation. Some of the mineral makeup products have a natural SPF15, which is good for the skin. Another advantage of mineral makeup is that it is totally free of dyes or even annoying fragrances. By using a proper brush, you can make sure you don’t irritate the skin. Mineral makeup should be combined with plenty of moisturizer to avoid caking up of the skin.

4. Prepare the skin before makeup

You have to prepare the skin, especially if it is red and flaky, before you apply makeup. A good moisturizing solution really helps especially if the skin tends to get red and irritating. It is better to avoid moisturizers that have fragrances. Oil-free formula would be ideal especially when dealing with acne. You can also use an alcohol-free toner that will strip the skin of excess oil. There are non-comedogenic creams which are ideal for sensitive skin.

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