10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fall In Love

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fall In Love

Falling in love is not the best thing that could happen to you, like the way you were told. There is so much better to life than falling in love. People think that falling in love is a unique experience but we beg to disagree. Here we give you 10 reasons why you should never fall in love.

1. Makes you experience pain

Falling in love leads to a heartbreak, and heartbreaks are painful. Often we girls go through trauma while trying to forget our past relationships. All of this, just because we became weak and fell in love. Have you ever heard of the wise old saying, “Don’t take life too seriously”? Falling in love is equivalent to taking life seriously.

2. Compels you to share

In love, two people become one. Once that happens, they are not supposed to keep secrets anymore. No matter how personal, everything is supposed to be shared with your partner. Doesn’t the idea of having an outsider know everything about your life sound scary? Why give someone else the key to the secret book about your life? So if you want to keep your privacy intact and your belongings only yours, don’t fall in love.

3. Is financially hazardous

Going out for dates, long telephone calls all cost money. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s day, you will find yourself struggling through expenses just to get your loved one something. After all, gifts cost money and money doesn’t grow on trees. You may have to reduce your own expenses so that you can get your partner something that he likes. How vain is that now!

4. Strains your brain

Say goodbye to your tongue-in-cheek attitude. Even if you are ready to spend money, it won’t be enough. Today, love is supposed to be shown in the most creative way possible to make your partner happy. If you can’t do that, you’re very conveniently believed to be boring and inconsiderate.

5. Reduces your freedom

Once you fall in love, you lose your freedom. You are now tied down to one person for the rest of your life. Each and every decision of yours will now be influenced by this person. As if the pressure from your parents was less, now you got an outsider guy who is going to tell you what to do!

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