4 Reasons Why Anti Aging Products may not Work

Reasons Why Anti Aging Products may not Work

If we all can drink from the fountain of eternal youth we all would and then stay forever young. Sadly there is no fountain of youth and as mere mortals we all grow old. Growing old is not a bad thing but for long it has been made out to be the worst thing to happen to a woman physically. Wrinkles, age lines and other age related physical changes are not welcome and a woman is expected to look young for as long as she can. This is where the cosmetic industries make their billion dollars and more. They sell a lot of products that claim to make you not only beautiful but also younger. For long women have been buying this up without relay seeing much difference in their skin and appearance and if studies are to be believed, none of these creams or anti aging products really work. Worse, in a lot of cases we might inadvertently be just buying a very expensive moisturizing cream that does nothing to reverse the aging process. Here are some reasons why anti aging products may not work.

1. Many of the ingredients in the anti aging products work on you only when injected under the skin and not when applied on top of it

An example of this could be hyaluronic acid injections. Although hyaluronic acid is an ingredient in the anti-aging cream, it has very little or no effect on the skin when applied on the surface. Rather it needs to be injected under the skin for it to have any effect. This could be one reason as to why the anti-aging cream you are using is not doing the work it claims to do on the cover.

2. Any cream that does not need a doctor’s prescription is in the grey area and you cannot be really sure about its efficacy

Of course it is safe for your skin and does not cause any disfiguration, but you also need to understand that it does not have to be really efficient. You also need to worry about the amount and percentage of the anti aging ingredients in the cream.

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