9 Reasons to Love Being a Girl

9 Reasons to Love Being a Girl

Being a woman is a matter of immense joy and pride. Nature has given women advantages that haven’t been bestowed on men. Here are a few reasons you should love being a girl.

1. You can put on makeup

Whether you want your eyelashes, eyebrows, facial skin, lips or cheeks to look different, you can access a variety of makeup and cosmetics available in the market. You can change the way you look with every outfit, accentuate your features as per your will and get compliments for the same. Girls can have fun using makeup and completely change the way they look.

2. You can wear different types of clothes

As a girl, your choices in clothes are not restricted to wearing trousers, shorts and shirts. You can wear anything and everything from skirts, shorts, overcoats, pants, dresses and gowns. You can wear men’s clothing but the vice versa is not possible according to the social code of conduct. This is one of the reasons to love being a girl.

3. You can multitask without feeling stressed

Girls are known to multitask all the time. This includes talking on the phone, checking email and writing the grocery list all at the same time. Such multitasking can be very useful in all spheres of life, personal and professional.

4. You can get away with mood swings

Girls and mood swings are synonymous. As a girl, you can have mood swings either due to hormonal changes or for no reason at all. Whenever you have a mood swing, you will never be asked why you are behaving in a peculiar way. It will be accepted and tolerated as a part and parcel of a woman’s personality.

5. You can experience motherhood

One of the best reasons for being a girl is to enjoy Nature’s gift of becoming a mother. Women have the power to give birth to another life and this ability makes them the reason for the existence of the whole world. There is no better reason for you to enjoy being a girl.

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