9 Things To Do This Earth Day

9 Things To Do This Earth Day

How brutal are we towards the lovely blue planet we dwell on! Polluting the rivers and oceans with industrial and biological waste. Cutting trees to build to skyscrapers. Have you ever thought what would happen in the coming years? There will be fire on water due to the oil spills, animals will come behind us for food and only then man would understand what it means to respect the planet.

This earth day, BE THE CHANGE and make change happen.

Here are a few things you to must do on Earth Day

1. Plant saplings

Plant a sapling and adopt it. Look after it until you die, don’t let anyone touch it. Let it grow and live forever. Urge other people to plant saplings in their own backyard too. This year Earth Day completes its 45th anniversary, so take up the challenge to tell 45 people to plant saplings and tell those to tell others to plant saplings too.

2. Switch off all the electronics for at least 2 hours

No mobile, no laptop, no WIFI, no television. Go out and play and bond with the nature around you. Observe birds chirping, cats and dogs playing, butterflies flying around. Hear the sound that leaves make when breeze brushes on them and talk to the trees. This is a great relaxation therapy too!

3. Go eco friendly

Ride a cycle, or take a walk inside of traveling by car or motorbike.

4. Join a NGO

Kick start your association with some NGO which works for flora and fauna. Motivate your friends to join with you.

5. Take an oath and be sure you follow it.

Take an oath to reduce the use of processed food, eat fresh and organic.

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