5 Things You Should Spend Money On

5 Things You Should Spend Money On

Right since childhood, the habit of saving is drilled into us. We are taught to not be too lavish in life, and always save money for unexpected bad days. Soon, this habit becomes second nature to us and we keep saving even as we pursue college and get our first jobs. But then comes a point when we become fairly settled in life with decent amount of money in our bank accounts, and we still stay stingy. That’s the time when it becomes important to draw boundaries between what’s a ‘necessity’, and what’s ‘luxury’. We need to start defining what is important to us in life and what keeps us happy, and what are those things that we can do without. Listed here are some things that we should spend money on, regardless of how much we earn and where we are on our ladder to success. These are things that shouldn’t be compromised on, because they actually make us happy or satisfied and help us become those motivated souls who keep working hard, and do so happily.

1. Good clothes

Yes, agreed that buying too many of them is a waste, especially when you become a shopaholic. But let’s face it, good clothes is the least you deserve when you earn a decent amount. More than that, these clothes make you feel confident and happy, and help you set an impression in front of your colleagues and counterparts. You must dedicate a certain share of your income to this, and make sure never to exceed that share in order to not feel too guilty about it.

2. Gifts for family

There is no point in earning money when you can’t use it to bring happiness to your near and dear ones. Always make sure that you look into the demands and wishes of your family members, and spend a certain portion of your income on buying things for them.

3. Recreation

Recreation is vital in life. Without it, you will only be a workaholic person who has no interest in the good things of life. Never feel guilty about spending money on things that make you happy, such as going to the gym or dance classes, taking a short vacation once in a while, eating out, going for a movie with family or watching a game live in the stadium with friends.

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