7 Things That Make A Woman More Beautiful

7 Things That Make A Woman More Beautiful

It’s not the make up or the Michael Kors watch or the Chanel bag or the Prada dress that makes a woman a beautiful one. It’s not the high heels or the number of solitaire rings she owns. It’s also not the kind of highlights she has on her hair or the car she has stepped out of. You ask anyone, and they’d say the same thing – all women are beautiful naturally, because God created them that way. Women were meant to be the more appealing and attractive beings between the two genders, and this is in their natural state, without doing any extra effort!

So all those women who had the misconception that they are not beautiful, erase such thoughts from your head right away! And if you still need to know more, here’s a list of things that make a woman more beautiful. Spoiler alert: the list doesn’t feature any make up products or clothes or shoes!

1. A constant smile on her face!

Happy women are the prettiest women. Their warm smiles can melt hearts and make people go crazy over them. So make sure that you do all it takes to keep yourself happy and smiling all the time.

2. Her comforting presence with a man

Men love it when they see a woman changing their lives in unimaginable ways. Indeed, the comforting presence of a woman in a man’s life, the way she holds his arm and walks in a party or the way she hugs him without a care for the world is what makes her even more beautiful.

3. Her loving presence with a child

Those endearing smiles and hugs, those little role-play games and peek-a-boos with an innocent child speak a lot about her innocence too, making a woman look so beautiful!

4. Effortlessness

And by that, we mean effortlessness in dressing, talking and doing just about everything. A woman is so much more beautiful when she is just herself and not trying to be like someone else. So be without make up and wear tom-boyish clothes if that’s how you are comfortable, but be yourself because that’s what makes you more beautiful.

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