10 Things that Made Your Childhood Memorable

Things that Made Your Childhood Memorable

Childhood years were wonder years! All of us were fearless, imaginative, full of energy and high on life. There were various things that made our childhood years so memorable. Famous children books’ writer Dr. Seuss once said, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” Here is a compilation of some great things if you did not do as a child, then your childhood was incomplete.

1. Playing hide and seek

This was one of the most popular games with children. The thrill and excitement of this game can never be replaced with anything else, even the ‘oh-so-popular’ video games that have come in now. The sheer pleasure of playing this game on sunny afternoons or breezy evenings was truly thrilling. It can be played in any kind of space, and the game allows you to explore spaces that were mysterious to you as a child. You should not stop yourself from playing this incredibly entertaining game with your friends even now. Go live your childhood all over again!

2. Reading the Harry Potter series

This is one cult book series that was something most of the people of this generation grew up reading. Harry Potter trivia make for ice breakers at most places. The kind of fan following this book series has had is incomparable. We all wanted to be in some house or the other. We all wished that we would get a letter from Hogwarts. Admit it, we all wanted to be a part of the world of witches and wizards!

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3. Having an imaginary friend

No matter how embarrassing this is, we all had our own imaginary world with our own imaginary friends. Our imagination was so vivid. It would always take us to places we wanted to go to. The world was magical and full of hope. Our dreams were so sincere and innocent, and this was probably one of the best things about childhood.

4. Being part of some gang or club with a snazzy name

After reading various books from the series ‘Secret Seven’ and ‘Famous Five’, we thought it was pretty cool to make groups and gangs. Giving them cool names was even more interesting. What we did in that gang was immaterial, but there was always an amount of satisfaction in associating ourselves with such groups. It helped us make friends and also made us do crazy things in unity.

5. Obsessing over instant noodles and potato chips

If you had siblings, you would know the fury of sharing these wonderful things with them. It was always so tough! You always wanted the whole thing to yourself. Nothing in life has and will ever taste as good as Lays. Instant noodles was also one the first things we all learnt to cook. It was easy and fast to make and has helped many people come together.

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