So You Think You are Close to Your Husband! 4 Ways to Find Out How Close You Are

So You Think You are Close to Your Husband! 4 Ways to Find Out How Close You Are

All wives would love to think that they are close to their husbands and some really are. But most aren’t. Men have a best friend that they share everything with, a mother that they go to when they want to complain about their wives, and buddies when they just want to hang out. With so many people to get his attention, the closeness factor in a marriage is bound to go downhill and the once close relationship you had shared with your husband can disappear or fade away. It could either be true that the closeness you once shared with your husband has disappeared or it could be just that you are thinking way too much and are reading between the lines too much. He could be still close to you as ever and you are just missing the signs because you are preoccupied with the thought that he isn’t. Before you torture yourself and your husband, just find out for yourself how close you are to him.

1. You share every important news with each other

He comes to you when he has something important to announce and you do the same. The two of you cannot think of sharing your big news with anyone else except each other. When this happens, you will know that you are very close to each other and you still feel close to your husband.

2. He takes you out

Instead of going out with his drinking buddies to watch a game, he asks you out and you two have a great time hanging out and screaming at the game. The very fact that he prefers you to his friends to watch a game shows how close you two are.

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