5 Situations When You Should be Cocky

5 Situations When You Should be Cocky

Your confidence can come across as cockiness only when you do not have the goods to back up your claims. Being cocky does not hurt when you have done something worth being cocky about. We give you some situations wherein you should be cocky.

1. When you achieve something through hard work

When your sheer hard work brings success to you, then it’s OK to take in the glory. You have given your best to achieving something and you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back. People around you will appreciate you and it is perfectly justified that you enjoy these moments and take in all the accolades and feel proud of yourself.

2. When you are in bed

Being cocky in bed can work in your favor many a time. It is an indication that you know what you are doing and are experienced enough to be good at what you do. This can add to the excitement and make your partner look forward to what’s to come.

3. When your dreams come true

If there is something that you have longed for all your life and your dreams finally get realized, it surely calls for some cockiness. There is no harm in expressing your joy and excitement. If your dear ones are aware of what you had dreamt of, then they also will not mind you being cocky about the situation.

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