10 Reasons Why Living on Your Own is the Best Thing in the World

Reasons Why Living on Your Own is the Best Thing in the World

Living on your own can sometimes seem like a big pain, but nobody can deny the fact that it has its own set of advantages too. The kind of fun that you enjoy while living on your own is incomparable, and it just cannot be experienced when living with family. Here are some of the reasons why living on your own is the best thing in the world.

1. Your money is only yours to spend

Unless you choose to spend it on someone else, your hard earned money is totally yours. You don’t have any obligations of spending it on someone else, unless of course you want to send a portion of your income to your parents or siblings.

2. You are answerable to yourself

There are no ‘in’ and ‘out’ timings in the house, and you can choose to walk in or walk out without being answerable to anybody. You are the master of your own life, and you can enjoy it to the fullest!

3. You can eat whatever you want

When living with your family, you often have to cook or eat what everybody likes, in order to accommodate everyone’s interests. However, when you are living on your own, you can cook whatever you like, or order food from outside as per your tastes and preferences.

4. You can roam around in any kind of clothes

There will be nobody to feel awkward or uncomfortable if you roam around the house in your undies! There is no one to feel shy from, and no unexpected guests walking in the house (because there is no scope of someone else in the house inviting guests).

5. You own your bathroom

You can take as many hours as you like in the shower, without someone banging at the door for you to come out. This kind of peace is really important after a long day at work, or on a holiday!

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