4 Signs He is Keeping You as an Option not a Priority

Signs He is Keeping You as an Option not a Priority

A lot of people, both men and women when they are in a relationship would like to be the only object of interest, both romantic and otherwise. Although one may want it and like it, it does not always work out that way. While in a relationship, some people are always looking for someone better or a better life and this is when a partner becomes an option to tide over being lonely for a while and is not a priority. As much as it hurts, this is quite common in certain relationships and it helps to know what he is feeling about you and prepare yourself. You can save yourself a lot of heartache and pain if you either let go of him or also take up a similar stance. Here are some signs or some behavior on his part that will let you know that he is keeping you as an option and not a priority.

1. You are never invited to meet his parents

He always comes up with an excuse whenever you bring up the topic of meeting his parents. He either tells you that it is too soon, or that he is not comfortable with his parents meeting you. If he keeps this up even after you insist a lot on meeting them, you should know that something is wrong and that he is not serious about you. There can be times when he genuinely has a problem with his parents, but if you know he is good with them, but still refuses to take you, you should start worrying about his intentions.

2. You always feel you are an outsider when you are with his friends

Normally his friend’s behavior towards you are based on what he has been talking about you and how he has portrayed you to them. If you are constantly feeling like you are an intrusion in their world, be rest assured that he has not really spoken to them about you in a great way. Even though they may be nice people, they wouldn’t want to break a friendship over a new arrival.

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