8 Bedroom Must-Haves

8 Bedroom Must-Haves

Monotonous is boring, it’s not all about how you end it; it is about the passionate journey towards the lingering end. Generally with time, sex takes a backseat and is just a trigger for a good night sleep but with these bedroom must-haves you can actually spice up your love life and relive the old times.

1. Scented candles and oils

A good perfume can act as an aphrodisiac and heighten the libido. Plus the whole ambiance of a dark room lit with scented candles is enough to strike at the right place.

2. Handcuffs

Tried and tested kinky toy, handcuffs are one of the must haves. Handcuffing your partner and pleasuring him gives the ultimate feeling of superiority and passion combined. Add a silk kerchief or a feather and use it to run over your partner’s bare body while he lies there handcuffed and incapable of any action. Pure bliss!

3. Satin sheets

Sex is often described as the feeling of satin on bare body. Isn’t it true?

4. Full length mirror

The reason why porn movies are so famous is because couples are seen in action. Sex is nothing but a mind game and what better boost to the imagination than the very sight of you and your partner’s bare bodies slithering and moving?

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