8 Sagittarius Negative Traits To Overcome

5. Little careless

You are little careless and that also affects your relationship. As you have a quality of getting bored easily, you tend to get careless with things. You don’t stick to one particular thing or things that may interest you. Your nature can also irritate others. So, be more responsible towards your role.

6. Avoid situations

You generally avoid situations that can give you stress. Yes, you avoid important things and that also makes you an escapist. You are positive by nature, so you don’t like to face things that are negative or situations that are negative in life. That also affects your view point on things. So, don’t do that and face things that are important.

7. Being fake

You have this quality of being fake. You only see the superficial part. For instance, if you get attracted to someone then you will notice the physical appearance and not the heart of the person. It is important to see the character and heart of a person because beauty is superficial and well fake.

8. Bit moody

You are also a bit moody by nature. If you don’t like something, your mood will change instantly. And if you are happy then it will show on your face. You are moody by nature and that can affect the people who are around you. Overcome this trait of yours and maintain the right balance.

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