15 Things To Do When Bored In Class

15 Things To Do When Bored In Class

Boring lectures are not very uncommon, and you certainly need to keep a few tricks at hand so that you can stay awake during these lectures. Listed below are some ideas on how to pass time during a boring lecture.

1. Carry your favorite novel with yourself. Slide it under your desk and read all what you want.

2. If you have any pending assignments, make use of the time and finish them. It will help you pass your time, and you will complete your work as well.

3. Write a story, poem or anything that you feel like. Give your creative side a shot at creating something new.

4. If it has been a long time since you contacted an old friend, then why not write a letter to him/her during a boring lecture?

5. Invent a new recipe. Jot down a rough copy of the recipe to a new dish and try it later at home.

6. Pass notes without being caught. Make sure you pass notes to those who will appreciate your note and not complain to the teacher.

7. Ask for breaks. You could want to go use the restroom to pee or puke. Make sure you disturb the lecturer every now and then.

8. Eat! Bring some snacks that you would love to munch on and have them during a boring lecture. Pass it on to your classmates.

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