11 Reasons You Should Start Eating Tomatoes

11 Reasons You Should Start Eating Tomatoes

Sweet, juicy and red; everything about a tomato is delectable. Although you can think of hundreds of reasons why you should be eating this voluptuous and nutritious fruit. Here are some reasons you should start eating tomatoes.

1. If you crave good skin, tomatoes are your solution

Tomatoes are abundant in lycopene that is popular as a cleansing agent and is a primary ingredient in many beauty products around the world. Peel tomatoes and place their skins on your face. Leave them on for 10 minutes and thereafter watch the difference. Your skin will begin to feel clean and shining.

2. Prevents heart disease

High rates of cholesterol have been identified as one of the important reasons for growing incidences of heart diseases in developed nations. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants along with lycopene that are responsible for eliminating or reducing cholesterol build up in your body.

3. Lose weight the healthy way

Tomatoes are very low in calories. 100g of this juicy fruit contains only about 18 calories. Also, the presence of fiber makes you feeling fuller and hence you can effectively cut down the habit of binging. Also, tomato is such a versatile fruit that you can make several dishes with it without adding any additional calorie. They are great in salads, sandwiches or casseroles.

4. Easy bowel movements

If you suffer from constipation, fiber can offer the best solution. Tomatoes are rich in fiber and including them as a part of your daily diet can help you get rid of constipation and its nasty symptoms.

5. Solution for cancer

Several studies have proven the connection between eating tomatoes and preventing cancer. High levels of lycopene in tomatoes rush to the rescue yet again. Lycopene prevents formation of cancers of the prostate, colon and stomach. Lycopene disrupts formation of cancerous cells thereby preventing onset of cancers.

6. Improve your vision with tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in many vitamins and minerals of which vitamin A is an important component. The presence of vitamin A in tomatoes makes it highly efficient as a vision improver. Eating tomatoes regularly can help you prevent night blindness.

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