16 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

16 Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

Why should the kids be behind on this day of love? Valentine’s Day is a celebration of everything beautiful and loving. Let this day be a great, fun-filled for kids too by taking help of these 10 brilliant party ideas:

1. Invitation

Use the Valentine theme to make your invitation cards. Cut them out in shape of hearts or cupids and make them very colorful. You can also use small teddies with hearts for this purpose.

2. Decoration

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and joy and the decoration should reflect it. Use red heart shaped balloons, cupid stickers, flowers and ribbons for the decoration.

3. Food

Make small heart shaped cookies, chocolate pastries, cakes, brownies, sandwiches etc. for snacks. The kids will love it.

4. Costume party

Kids love to party. They love to get together and play. Make it more fun for them by throwing a costume party. Let their imagination run wild as they choose their own costume for this Valentine’s Day.

5. Greeting card competition

Well party and competition can go together. Let them have fun while getting creative too. Get them together and ask them to make greeting cards. Give them the freedom to do what they desire. They can later exchange these cards.

6. Decorate hearts

Valentine’s Day is all about heart and heart matters. So this Valentine’s Day, get kids ready to decorate hearts. Give them printouts of heart shape and ask them to express their Valentine’s Day craft by decorating the heart as they desire.

7. Valentine’s Day story

Get them to sit together in a circle and begin with a story by giving them one line cue. Now each child gets one sentence to take the story further before passing it to the next child. They can make it funny, scary, romantic, stupid – it all depends on their imagination. But one thing is guaranteed– they’ll have tons of fun. After all, story time is the favorite time for kids.

8. Valentine karaoke Fun

How about having karaoke fun for kids with some romantic Valentine songs? Kids love to sing and dance. They’ll absolutely love to karaoke with their friends and enjoy.

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