7 Signs You are a Cougar

Signs You are a Cougar

Do you have the Marilyn Monroe persona? The only difference is that you are not that young. A large sexual appetite and women who can wear a man like a finger ring. You love to control and you desire it. Here are 7 signs which indicate that you are a cougar.

1. Prefer younger men

You are bored with silvery fox men. You want someone who is young, with an athletic or muscular body, those blue-eyed blondes are your favorite picks when it comes to taste men. In fact they are about 8-10 years younger than you! They need not be wealthy, powerful or even smart.

2. You are rich and successful

You have everything- you’re rich, powerful, wealthy and smart. In fact people know you and appreciate you on your success. You either happen to be a business woman or at a very high level post in your company.

3. You wear Botox to conceal your age

You seriously invest in remaining young and beautiful. You go for botox anti-ageing injections, regular body massage, face lifts, facials, and make sure you don’t gain weight and wish to look curvy and sexy.

4. You’re flirtatious and seek out men just for a fling

You are always on a prowl like the cougar cat! Sipping your drink and watching every guy in the room like a hawk. You don’t waste time in pleasantries and get straight to business.
You love to flirt and are not looking for anything serious.

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