7 Reasons to Opt for a Natural Deodorant

7 Reasons to Opt for a Natural Deodorant

In recent years, there have been rising concerns over the harmful effects of synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants. There has been a growing demand for chemical-free deodorants. We give you a number of reasons why choosing a natural deodorant over a synthetic one might be a wise decision.

1. No aluminum

Most commercially sold non-natural deodorants contain aluminum zirconium or aluminum chlorohydrate. This can lead to a number of health problems like breast cancer, brain related disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum or any other chemicals and so are safe for use.

2. No clogging of pores

Unlike natural deodorants, chemical deodorants can clog the pores of your underarms. The aluminum contained in conventional deodorants form an invisible clog in the sweat duct, to prevent you from perspiring. You must understand that perspiration is important because it helps your body to release harmful toxins.

3. No white patches

Since natural deodorants do not contain any chemicals, you need not worry about having ugly white patches on your clothes or yellow underarm stains on your tops

4. Smell fresh sans any chemicals

Ingredients like rose, citrus, lemon, sage oil, etc. are extremely good at masking your body odor. So can smell fresh all day long without exposing your skin to any harmful chemicals.

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