6 Reasons to Get Engaged During the Holiday Season

6 Reasons to Get Engaged During the Holiday Season

Making that commitment to getting married and spending your lives together is such a sweet thing and it gets all the more sweeter when you get engaged during the holidays. There are so many reasons why people get engages during the holidays. This season you can also find a lot of face book and twitter updates and changes about the relationship status of people generally and you or one of your friends can also be on the list. The reasons can range from being romantic to just being practical. Whatever the reasons, getting engages around the holidays is always a good time. It is also special when it is not planned and the engagement happens spontaneously and the season just happens to be the holiday season. Here are some reasons as to why people get engaged during the holiday season.

1. The engagement is just an extension of the happy feeling

When you are in the holiday season and is not stressed too much worrying about the expenses or managing a party, you are happy and the proposal from the guy or from you would just be an extension of that happy feeling. The cheer brought on by the holidays would also rub on to your love life making you want to get engaged.

2. Being practical

If people get engaged around this time of the year and want to throw a party, it is easier as most people they would want to invite will either be in their party or in their homes already. It is also vacation time so people can be easily present for the engagement party. It could be the most practical engagement ever then.

3. Being at a family get together, the sense of wanting one of your own heightens

People go to family dinners around this time of the year and attend a lot of parties as well. Seeing a lot of families and kids would probably make them want one of their own and may make them want to propose and get engaged.

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