6 Ways to Stay Warm in the Extreme Cold

Ways to Stay Warm in the Extreme Cold

as the 2014 North American cold wave, the Arctic cold front brought in extreme cold weather to the US. It also brought in a cold wave that was previously unrecorded and millions of people were affected and are still being affected throughout the country. A lot of stated from north to south and from the east coast to the west coast were affected by this cold wave and phone lines, transportation and normal daily life was affected. Although it was predicted, the cold took everyone by surprise and few were prepared to face the extreme cold. A lot of deaths resulted because of this. It is important to stay warm when it is extremely cold to prevent you from falling sick or even dying in the rarest of cases. Here are some ways in which you can stay warm during the cold weather.

1. Invest in a good coat

Instead of looking at the coat as a fashion accessory, invest in a good coat that can prevent you from the extreme cold. The heavier and more tightly woven it is the better. Also look for good quality wool. Make sure that you air it out so you do not smell. Leather coats are not a great idea in times of extreme cold.

2. Try layering

Instead of wearing one sweater or a coat that is heavy and makes you uncomfortable, you should try layering. Layering is more effective when it comes to beating the cold. Start from thermal wear and keep adding to it in the form of tops and light sweaters. The advantage with layering is that when you get into a warm room, you can always take off a few layers.

3. Keep your feet warm

It is very important that you always have woolen socks handy when there is an extremely cold weather. You should wear one all the time irrespective of where you are and if you are heading out, you should carry an extra pair in case your socks get wet. Feet tend to get cold quicker than other parts and it is essential that you keep them warm.

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